Brand New Wall & Floor Tile Ranges at Wetroom Revolution

Brand New Wall & Floor Tile Ranges at Wetroom Revolution

After listening to feedback from our gorgeous customers we now have some trendy, modern and bang up to date Wall and Floor Tiles which brings a much more complete shopping experience.  Our aim is to be the place where you can get exactly what you need to get for your new Wetroom without the annoyance of keep switching online stores.


*Metro Patchwork Colours & Bourton Ranges above

The Tile ranges we have launched gives a good selection of what makes a beautiful finish to any room not, just Wetrooms, you can have them in your Shower Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Cloakroom, basically anywhere!

Our ultra modern Simply White Range which gives you simplicity which is been on trend for years now and the popularity keeps on growing. I know this from the installation side that many customers want white tiles so if they change the colour scheme in the future then its just the accessories that need a revamp and not the whole wetroom saving literally thousands of pounds which is exactly what attracts people to this option, plus, it looks dam good too. 

Check out our Simply WhiteAlaska and Polaris for our white ranges below.


Another great range of contemporary trends are the traditional wood effect are the MumbleEkos and Samba ranges below, which gives that real engineered wood look, again very up market and modern and would look great in any room you choose. 


So there you have it, a brief overview through of some of what is now available in our Tile Ranges, check them out to discover more great options to compliment your new Wetroom renovation, or maybe not and you fancy changing one of the most important visual aspects of any project.


*Foresta Wall & Floor Range above

17th May 2020 Adam Marks - Director of Wetroom Revolution

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