'The' Wetroom Revolution - First Blog Post - a Personal View

'The' Wetroom Revolution - First Blog Post - a Personal View

So, this is the first blog post of all time and what an exciting time it is! Why is it exciting? It is giving a greater showering experience in a wet room with a luxurious feel without visiting a five star hotel in the comfort of your own home.  

My Wetroom Experience

Let me paint the picture for you, looking at your watch thinking its time for my daily shower, getting ready and opening the door to your new wet room en-suite or shower room, walking in bare foot onto a nice warm underfloor heating set to the perfect temperature, switching on the shower with a rainfall effect, walking in to your spacious fully tiled shower area with no cumbersome shower doors to close, just a contemporary glass wet room screen, water draining away into the linear gully.  

Closing your eyes and putting your head under the rainfall shower thinking about absolutely nothing and using that time to remove the stress out of your day.  Once either you have had enough or the hot water running out!  Walking out of your shower tray without any annoying steps, lips or trip hazards and grabbing your warm towel from the designer radiator next to your shower area drying yourself feeling re-vitalised and relaxed. Walking out with a quick look back thinking, 'I miss you already'... 

Self Benefits

Owning and using a wet room is the experience I want for everyone, I personally use it to relax and de-stress from my busy life, it's like a sense of recharging after running your battery low, cures my aches and pains especially after a hard days work.  Also my wet room is versatile, easy to clean and great for all members of my family.  I have six children living at home and suits all ages, the tiled walls and floors make it robust, waterguard tanking gives me the piece of mind of a life time guarantee, all round great products with exceptional warranties and reputations.

My Own Experience

I have been an installer of wet rooms, shower rooms, bathrooms, walk in showers for nearly 15 years so I do understand and have experience of all the products we sell especially Impey wetrooms.  I have used a number of different manufacturers and products and always come back to the ones that I trust and are easy to work with.  I would only sell products that I would have in my own home as I see far too many products for sale in the wet room market that are substandard which the prices reflects this.  My mission is to provide high quality wet rooms for everyone, including retail, trade and even hotels and leisure.

Where can you install Wet Rooms?

- Bathrooms

- Ensuites

- Cloakrooms

- Shower Rooms

- Utility Rooms

- You can convert any room you choose subject to plumbing, drainage and an experienced wet room installer!

Doesn't matter about the size of the rooms either as shower trays can range from 800mm by 800mm to 1500mm by 1200mm or 1850mm by 900mm


So, as you have probably guessed I have a passion for wet rooms and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you so you under stand why Wetroom Revolution is the 'Wetroom Revolution'.

Indulge in what a wet room can give you, its versatile, hard wearing and looks bloody great! 

You won't regret it, trust me...

3rd Apr 2020 Adam Marks - Director of Wetroom Revolution

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